• Study targeted market data by zip or distance
  • Analyze construction permit data
  • Net effective rent comparison
  • Built for conventional, student & senior housing
  • Crunch side by side data comparison
  • Preserve historical data & trending
  • Share information instantly
  • Presentation perfect reports & graphs
  • Informed intelligence for price setting
  • Helps enhance revenue management systems
  • Amenity based pricing analysis option
  • Historical trending & alerts

"MarketSurveyTools.com augments our management expertise on so many levels..."

Scott Wilder
Senior Vice President - Residential Management
Lincoln Property Company

MarketSurveyTools.com augments our management expertise on so many levels. The on-site leasing and management teams love it because it saves them so much time and energy and it is so easy to use. Simultaneously, the level of detail and aesthetics MarketSurveyTools.com produces is frankly amazing, talk about leverage. On a corporate level, our executives can access multi-faceted marketing data in moments, view trends, sort information at will, and share survey data instantly. It is extremely beneficial that we now have comprehensive market data in over 130 metro markets nationwide that is accessible from one vantage point. LPC would not want to be without it!?

Lincoln Property Company Launches MarketSurveyTools.com Nationwide & Spherexx.com® Ramps Up Property Management Leader with Hi-Tech Market Survey

Tulsa, Oklahoma (PRWEB) June 22, 2010. Lincoln Property Company has been universally recognized as a trailblazer from its inception in 1965. It is now the fifth largest property management company in the United States. In keeping with its innovative spirit, LPC is implementing a sophisticated online market survey application developed by Spherexx.com.

Spherexx.com's market survey application, now in its third edition, provides custom market surveys for property management firms that are accessible anytime and anywhere. The program can be configured to allow owners, partners, leaders, and clients to retrieve current market updates directly from the survey, thereby eliminating the need to email, fax, copy, or print survey data in order to share information. The advanced market profiling includes advertisement cross referencing and recaps popular resident-driven online media. It compresses huge volumes of information into an easily navigated and updated, failsafe reporting system. Rather than just reporting a series of numbers, it paints a colorful landscape that reflects the pricing lay of the land. Replacing clumsy, desktop applications, www.MarketSurveyTools.com reports leasing rates, occupancy, design details, neighborhood impact, discounts and product features. It automatically calculates rents by square footage, and will calculate net effective rates intuitively (rates adjusted by pricing concessions). Read entire press release at LPC Market Survey.

Structure timely, precise, apartment marketing strategies based on immediately accessible, current data and historical rental detail.

Give yourself a new level of confidence in the pricing, acquisition and disposition decisions you are making in tough economic times. Support your conclusions with accurate, easily accessible, readily presentable marketing data that is not vulnerable to failed formulas, version inconsistencies and poor digital delivery.

  • View update changes at a glance – no manual calculations required
  • Automatically generates graphical and comparative data in presentation form
  • Reduce administrative hours – no more clumsy spreadsheet retrofit
  • Improves accuracy – simple to use and self-calculating
  • Universal – publishes data updates instantly to multiple users and locations
  • No installation required – totally web-based with 24/7 access
  • Customized criteria – create unique selling points per property and product
  • Secures historical data – no way to lose vital market trends
  • Instant retrieval – no distribution required
  • Calculates average rent, collects concessions, promotions, rental policies and photographs
  • Client-managed content administrative center eliminates costly contract programming

About Market Survey Tools Apartment Marketing Program

MarketSurveyTools.com creates an apartment market research analysis in just a few steps. Identify your competition; set up utility, apartment features, amenities, and pricing criteria to automatically create an apartment survey, occupancy report, and apartment pricing comparison study.

This simple, comprehensive, web based apartment marketing program generates rent per sq foot rates, net effective rent calculations, apartment market rent comparisons and floor plan pricing comparisons. MarketSurveyTools.com archives survey histories and produces advanced graphing and trend reporting for changes in the apartment market.

MarketSurveyTools.com instantly publishes colorful, elegant presentations that are always ready for review by investors, owners and apartment management leaders. Defeat the competition by having instant information on hand to make timely apartment pricing and concession decisions that will keep you on the winning edge.