10 Signs Why You Need Market Survey Tools
  1. It is taking you a long time to calculate how much your concessions are impacting your income projections.
  2. You donít always have time to read through all of your market data and determine what changes need to be made.
  3. You are not confident that the price information you have in your spreadsheet report is correct because formulas often get corrupted and data saved over.
  4. You donít know for certain if your market update personnel actually conducted a survey because the price and promotions have not changed.
  5. You donít know how your community is trending compared to the combined competitors in the designated market group.
  6. You would like to put more emphasis on gaining occupancy than increasing market rates on one of your subjects, but you have no simple method of overall, direct comparison to that specific area of performance within the market group.
  7. You have multiple investors/owners/directors that all require different kinds of marketing reports at different due frequencies.
  8. You conduct due diligence studies in uncharted markets with limited time allowed to recommend acquisition, disposition or renovation.
  9. You currently have to clump monthly pricing data into quarterly reports.
  10. You want to know how your subject communities compare to each other as well as to their competitors.